Alternative Dispute Resolution

The firm’s attorneys have successfully represented clients in countless arbitrations and mediations throughout the State of Florida and beyond. 

In addition, Clarke Silverglate President Spencer H. Silverglate is a member of the American Arbitration Association’s National Roster of Arbitrators.  Spencer routinely handles commercial and employment arbitrations as part of his legal practice, bringing over 30 years of litigation and arbitration advocacy to his role as a neutral.

Firm partner Francisco Ramos, Jr., is certified by the Florida Supreme Court as a circuit and county court mediator.  Frank brings over 20 years of litigation and mediation advocacy to his role as a mediator.  He mediates most types of civil matters, including business and employment disputes, and cases involving premises and product liability. Frank generally prefers a facilitative style of mediation in which he assists the parties in reaching a mutually agreeable resolution.  He asks questions, searches for the interests underlying the parties’ positions and assists the parties in finding options for resolution.  If the circumstances warrant it, however, Frank is equally adept at evaluative mediation whereby he assists the parties in reaching a resolution by pointing out the weaknesses of their case and predicting what a judge or jury would do.

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