White Collar Criminal Defense

Companies today face growing legal challenges. Regulatory agency fines and enforcement against corporations are increasing.

The Clarke Silverglate team has built a vast and diverse group of experienced and skilled high-stakes litigators. These resources allow the Firm to defend a wide range of matters from government compliance to government investigation. Our comprehensive, substantive knowledge allows us to provide clients seamless advice regarding the applicable federal, state, and local legislation in various practice areas. This combination of experience and knowledge allows us to consistently obtain favorable results for our clients.

Of course, the best way to avoid the risk and expense of defending a government investigation or allegation of noncompliance is to prevent issues before they arise. Advice on hiring procedures, drafting or reviewing employee handbooks, company policies, and independent contractor agreements as well as advice on complex government regulations will allow the client to avoid unnecessary problems down the road. The Firm offers cost-effective, preventive consulting services regarding compliance with a variety federal, state, and local legislation:

  • Tax regulations and compliance
  • Banking regulations and compliance
  • Environmental regulations and compliance
  • Professional liability
  • Health Care, Medicaid, and Medicare billing and compliance
  • Intellectual property
  • Securities regulations and compliance
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and bribery
  • Fraud statutes
  • Mortgage and real estate regulations and compliance
  • Money laundering statutes
  • Medicare
  • HealthCare
  • Anti-Corruption compliance
  • Banking regulation
  • Lending regulations

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